Wedding Venues

For those of you looking for leicester wedding venues, here are some of the top choices there. These venues will provide the elegance and sophistication that you are looking for.

Extra information about leicester wedding venues

Mythe Barn

The first place that you may consider is Mythe Barn. This venue is in the countryside and offers the look that you are looking for. The barns are dedicated to weddings and the stables have been turned into en-suit bedrooms. You can have your wedding ceremony take place outside or inside.

Keythorpe Manor

The second place that you may consider is Keythorpe Manor. This place is in the country and offers a elegant feel with contemporary decor. It features two spaces for your wedding, they are the marquee and Oak Barn.

Kilworth House Hotel

The third place that may interest you is Kilworth House Hotel. This place is in a rural area with many bedrooms and good food. The hotel is great for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Here you will be able to take beautiful pictures in the grounds.

How To Choose The Right Venue For Your Wedding

Choosing a venue for your wedding can be a big deal and stressful. You want something that will suite your needs and where you will never forget your special day. Below are some things that you can do so that you choose the right venue for your big day.


You will first need to decide on how many people you think will be coming to your wedding. If the venue that you are thinking of choosing doesn't hold the amount of people you are inviting then count them out. You will also need to check on prices to see if you can afford the venue of your dreams. After that you will need to decide on how hands on you want to be. Also, see what caterers can work in the space that would be provided them.


Consider the location that you want. Do you want it in a rural area, beach, or countryside? The location that you want will be a deciding factor to the venue you get. You will also need consider if your guest will need to get transportation from your hotel to the venue and if they will be driving themselves if there is enough parking.

Your Wants

Another thing to consider is if the venue fits your needs and wants. if you are looking for a casual wedding, a hall that is elegant will not fit your wedding ideas. You will also need to check out the venues decor to see if it is what you had in mind. Only visiting will give you the exact picture of what you will be getting. Some venues may show you pictures on their website that have draping and up lighting to decorate their space. It is a good idea to see if they do that and if you can afford them having to do that with your space.

So as you are see there are alot of things to consider when looking for the right venue for your wedding.